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Jellyflug – New Platformer Out Now For iOS

Derry, United Kingdom – Innovative games company, Troll Inc. is pleased to announce Jellyflug 1.0.1, their debut gaming title for iPhone and iPad. Welcome to the Micro World of Jellyflug! Play as Grash, an undiscovered bacterium that has been abruptly taken from his home in the bathroom by a boorish household pet. An adventurous journey of micro proportions where you have to run, jump and use all your wits to survive. Help Grash make his way through the vast dangers of the human household and the more terrifying human body to return to his colony. But, you are not alone against the dangers of the micro-world; your strain of baby bacteria will help you! Use them to battle against a multitude of enemies and overcome obstacles blocking your way. Many trials await Grash along the way; from great oceans of bleach to soapy bubbles and pits of acid. Collect items to learn more about the microscopic world and figure out enemies’ weaknesses. Explore different worlds with 15 levels full of adventure waiting for you. Li...
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