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Kc8 Studios releases Star Serum 1.0 for iOS – Epic Space Opera

Thatcham, United Kingdom – Kc8 Studios today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Star Serum 1.0, its latest gaming title for iOS devices. Strike back against the Arcon Allegiance in this epic Space Opera! Star Serum offers light sabers, space flight, explosive Jenga and more. They’re dead… they’re all dead… You awake as if from a dream. Images flash before your eyes, splinters in your mind, unclear, inaccessible, but for a few fragments.. A space battle above Iridis Alpha… the black void bursting with colour from laser blasts and forceful explosions… a fierce ground assault on the planet below… And your squad… all dead… because of you… Then nothingness… Until now. You awake in a medical facility, tubes running from machinery keeping you alive. One nurse is your guide on your journey back from the brink of death. She tends to your wounds to rebuild you, for the sake of the Cine people in this long, bitter war agains the Allegiance. Before you can once again fly into the fray, she ...
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