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KVM virtualization on Ubuntu (III)

Let's continue exploring more stuff about KVM virtualization on Ubuntu (remember that there have been posted two previous articles, I and II). We will start with an interesting characteristic: cloning existing virtual machine images with identical virtual hardware configurations. This is a typical operation because it is normal that we have to install several times the same operating system for different functions. For example, we can need three servers running under a Linux distribution: mail, web and data storage. For this purpose, first we would make a virtual machine with that Linux OS, then we would clone that virtual machine twice and finally, we would install the rest of services on the base systems. The following order generates a new virtual machine named cloned_BT, from BackTrack4 domain. It is necessary to specify the hypervisor by means of the --connect parameter and to have turned the virtual machine off. javi@javi-kubuntu:~$ virt-clone --connect qemu:///system --original BackTrack4 --auto-clone ...
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