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By: Seth Manne So you can see that firstly a human "being" in my imagination is by no means a simple creature. A person's life can be looked at as that individuals "demonstration" or as stated ...his or her canvas. The final stroke upon that canvas is the individuals type of departure or "death OF the physical". There is no death for the "being". We have expressions like "the good die young" to quell our sadness when we see young people die in a car accident or in battle or die in some atrocious way. We question the meaning of those seemingly senseless deaths, senseless murders, senseless illnesses, senseless disabilities or deformities that babies carry into this physical life. They are not senseless. They are demonstrations. Could "beings" choose those horrific demonstrations you ask. Others believe these conditions and "demonstrations" are put upon the individuals by fate, luck, destiny or God. To believe that is to believe that your life is controlled by outside forces. Frankly, by believing that you are ...
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