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Learn to Read Thai with Reading Thai – Words and Sentences for iPhone

Yokohama, Japan – Nagaraja Rivers is pleased to announce the release of Reading Thai – Words & Sentences 1.0 for iOS. This new app helps you practice reading Thai words and sentences in the Thai script. New vocabulary and sentences are presented in Thai script along with audio. Then you can tap the screen to reveal Romanization and English translation to check your reading and understanding. Reading Thai – Words & Sentences is organized into 25 lessons. Each lesson begins with an introduction of new vocabulary words. Then there are a number of sentences composed of vocabulary words learned up to that point. In total, you will learn to read more than 200 of some of the most common Thai vocabulary words. Each sentence or set of vocabulary is shown at first in Thai script only. You can play an audio clip as you try to read the Thai writing. Then, to check your reading ability and comprehension, you can tap the screen to show the Romanization and translation of the sentence or vocabulary set. The audio clips were...
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