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lesbihonestsays: nigggatastic: ryaninwonderland: thatshitshray...

lesbihonestsays: nigggatastic: ryaninwonderland: thatshitshray: pikan0m: i-should-be-stronger-than-this: i have been thinking about this lately. i have always wondered what it would be like. weather or not you would still be concuis when you hit the bottom, and if you were how much pain would you be in once you meet the ground? i wonder if you would be killed instantly or just be lying there in uncontrolable pain for ages. i wonder if it would feel like you were flying and finally free in those few moments of falling this is probably my favourite gif. gives me chills because for the five minutes that i stared at this, i could feel myself falling and you can feel like your body slam against the ground idk it scares me a lot this kinda makes me feel idk i had to like catch my breath idk  Maybe this will work when I’m high.
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