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(Letra Kid Cudi To Da Top Y Traduccion)

Letra Ingles Y Traducida Artista: Kid Cudi cancion: To Da Top Album: Marijuana 2012 then i’ma have one disappointed mama no, i’ma have one disappointed fam i’ma feel bad that i can’t provide for my fam i can’t help how my mom process mr. huds told a nigger young let it be the best if i can’t do that main, fuck i’m living for? i got a pack of newports and a super bad whore i step out and i’m drinking lots of hennessey then battle in my sleep with the demons trying to ruing me a bunch of the … worse, saying that fame wasn’t meant for me take it back to cleveland, you heard i can’t stop them from speaking … got me laid out leaking y’all don’t know the half, kid cudi got issues, mentally that i … down fast, like i won’t fall, i can’t fall i won’t fall dog, i can’t fall, that’s what i say to myself, over and over cruising through the city in my black range rover i heard them whispering, i heard them talking down now that i’m bubbling, i … thought i forgot how you tried to take me off my grind yep, yep, they tried ...
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