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Listmaker for iPhone Gets a Fresh New Look

Fishers, Indiana – Daze End Software today is pleased to announce a new version of Listmaker, their list manager for the iPhone and iPod touch, which includes several improvements and a fresh new look. Listmaker is a simple tool for storing and organizing all the lists that a user needs. Grocery lists, gift lists, and simple to-do lists are all well-suited to this app. This release builds on earlier improvements and includes new features like the ability to copy lists and new colors and art that give the app an updated look. “Listmaker aims to find the sweet spot between simplicity and power,” said Charles Perry, owner of Daze End Software. “In order to keep it easy to use, Listmaker embraces minimalism in its interface. List items contain only a title, a note, and a due date. But at the same time, Listmaker offers advanced features like web synchronization, the ability to email lists, and nested sublists. This combination of power and simplicity makes for a very useful tool.” One thing that sets Listmaker ap...
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