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littleskycraper17: wannafucku: biebs-unbroken:  harrystylesswa...

littleskycraper17: wannafucku: biebs-unbroken:  harrystylesswaggin: smoked-outt: elynnblondie: dulcebarbiex3: lifethroughpicturesx3: See this dog? He was ABUSED. Two drunk dumbells tied this dog to the back of their truck, “forgot that he was back there” and DROVE OFF!!! Luckily, the cops were called and this poor dog got the medical attention he needed! The dog is currently doing fine (despite the horrible looking wounds) and will be up for adoption as soon as his wounds completely heal. REBLOG if you are AGAINST animal cruelty! I would adopt this dog in a fucking heartbeat. omfgggg ;(( D: omg :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9 i would buy him no doubt  omg i want him :’( them idiots deserve to die ¿Why they do that? poor dog :’(
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