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Mace Knight Guide

    2moons dil is sold by our company and it is so popular among many young people. Player vs player. This is for high level PVP when you have access to all of your skills. Knights can be very dangerous in pvps. You just have to know who you are up against and their weaknesses as well as yours.   If you are fighting a knight and have many cheap 2moons gold, you have to handle it different ways due to what weapons your opponent may be using. If they are using Dual, most likely axes, then make sure that you keep them stunned by Heavy Blow and Solar Evil so that they are unable to use their more powerful skills on you right away such as spout anger. Once they are stunned you could move in for a Genocide or Blind. If you are fighting any type of shield knight, make sure to stun them with one of your attacks so that their sword defense will wear off and you will be free to attack them without worry. Maybe you also can gain more 2moons gold. In hopes that they do not want to waste their time putting Sword Defense b...
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