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Magzter now available to publishers for Free! Publishers take advantage

New York – “You get what you pay for” is an age old adage that implies that anything that is good is required to be expensive. Magzter Inc., the New York based global digital newsstand, is looking to turn that expression on its head. While publishers have been hit with tens of thousands of dollars in technology development fees to make their publications available on Apple devices, Android devices and on the web as e-zines, Magzter allows them to be instantly available globally with no technology costs or upload fees. As with any newsstand, Magzter participates on a revenue share basis ensuring publishers have no upfront costs to reach a global audience across devices. “We were the first magazine to have a so called white label app on Apple almost 20 months ago. But the cost of creating the app, linking it to a ‘one-click’ payment system, maintaining it, upgrading it and then making a whole new system for Android has been exorbitant!” says T. Shans, Publisher of popular regional monthly Galatta Cinema magazin...
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