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Mariner Software Celebrates 22 Year Anniversary

Minneapolis, Minnesota – In 1990, the spreadsheet application and subsequent namesake – Mariner – was released in the U.S. for Mac OS 6. Fast forward to 2012 and, rare amongst software companies, Mariner Software is celebrating 22 years in business. Mariner has continually developed and republished award-winning software for the Mac, Windows and iOS. The result is a diverse line of creative writing and productivity applications – and a passionate following. “Twenty-two years is a real milestone given the current economic climate,” said Michael Wray, President of Mariner. “And, we mention this each time we come to this mark in Mariner’s history, but if it wasn’t for our customers, we would have little to celebrate. I’ll say it again, we have the most supportive customers in the world.” Mariner is starting the celebration with a 50% off sale in its eStore of non-upgrade, desktop products. “We consider ourselves an industry leader when it comes to offering creative, innovative and practical software,” said Wray....
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