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Meditations on And Then 16 / Bernie Tuchman

Meditations on And Then 16 Dear Everyone, Bernie Tuchman wrote the following medition on And Then 16. Everyone's piece is written about. Robert Meditations on And Then 16 Shelley Haven (front and back covers) Shrouded mysteries firmly planted and ethereal guardians And Then between these forbidding ends the fruit full-borne promise Revealed Tracy Phillips seduction without conquest being in touch at long last Eva Qin body fear hungry spirits demand repossession Ahmed Abdullah the dream is no less real in the cold light of loss, but neither is it boundless Johannah Segers dancing into the night Luis Benitez coup de grace: the power to kill without judgment Rosalie Calabrese where was I? only Robert remembers Walter Bateman love poem: before words were processed, mounting intensity in the scrawled revisions Safiya Bandele in the life that is not being restrained is all life and in that life, the pain, fresh loss of what is missing Anonymous and so the nightmare ends the power to forget, paying tribute to cruelt...
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