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contenido Meeting kurt weill

A new MISERO PROSPERO Project work in progess Carlos Rodero We finally present the two video clips that we made to share the work in progress of one of the new proposals by MISERO PROSPERO Project for next year, under the title, perhaps provisional, of Meeting Kurt Weill. This show will be a theatrical concert or recital from some emblematic pieces of Kurt Weill, including songs from the German, French and North American periods. Starring by the Turkish origin mezzo soprano Tulu İçözü, who provides, in addition to his interesting voice and unique style to address these songs, her ability to interpret them on stage from the standpoint of acting. Tulu has developed much of his musical studies at the Academy of Music in Budapest and now lives and works in Hungary. Tulu and I met when she participated in the putting on the stage of The Mysteries of the Opera, a work which I adapted from the novel by Javier Tomeo and directed and premiered in 2004 at the Merlin Theatre in Budapest. Since then we are talking about ...
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