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Micromat announces the release of TechTool Deluxe 3.1.4

Santa Rosa, California – Micromat Inc. today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of TechTool Deluxe 3.1.4, which updates previous versions of the TechTool Deluxe diagnostics utility that tests a Mac’s critical system components, including the processor, RAM, VRAM, hard drive and more. This new version of TechTool Deluxe adds compatibility for Lion, Mac OS 10.7, provides a number of fixes for better performance on newer machines and improves localization for non-english languages. TechTool Deluxe 3.1.4 is downloadable free to all registered users of TechTool Deluxe, including those users who received the diagnostics software as part of their AppleCare Protection Plans. Diagnostics also include Repair Volumes, Test Processor, Test RAM, Test Video RAM, Test Volumes, Test USB as well as Surface Scan. In order to update from previous versions of TechTool Deluxe, users should launch their installed copy of the TechTool Deluxe application and select the “Check For Update?” option located u...
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