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EFFECTS OF THE CRISIS Why billion-euro debts mean disaster for Spanish healthcare Regional governments have run up huge bills with pharmaceutical companies These firms are nowsaying that enough is enough Spending cuts could see an end to the high standards of care in the sectorJOSÉ LUIS BARBERÍA San Sebastián 23 ABR 2012 - 13:23 CET M. ZARZA6Twittear57EnviarCompartirEnviarImprimirSpain's hospitals are reportedly in debt to the pharmaceutical companies that supply them with drugs and medical devices to the tune of 12 billion euros. Last week Sagrario Pérez Castellanos, the director general of Basic Services and Pharmacy at the Health Ministry, told reporters that she couldn't confirm the figure, saying that the government didn't have data for hospitals' full costs because regional governments, who are responsible for budgeting their health services, can't - or won't - provide accurate figures.Farmaindustria, the body that represents Spain's ph...
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