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Mister Squishy (David Foster Wallace)

Sometimes Schmidt had dreams in which he was one of a Focus Group’s consumers being led by Darlene Lilley as she crossed her sturdy ankles or rotated her 9DD high heel back and forth along the floor’s x axis, and she had her eyeglasses off, which were small and oval with tortoiseshell-design frames, and was holding them in a MAM such that one of the glasses’ delicate arms was in very close proximity to her mouth, and the whole dream was Schmidt and the rest of the Focus Group for the nameless product hovering right on the edge of watching Darlene actually put the glasses’ arm inside her mouth, which she came incrementally closer and closer to doing without ever quite seeming to be aware of what she was doing or the effect it was having, and the feeling of the dream was that if she ever did actually put the plastic arm in her mouth something very important and /or dangerous would happen, and the ambient unspoken tension of the dream’s constant waiting often left Schmidt exhausted by the time he awoke and remem...
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