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Monkey Tools announces Library Monkey Pro 2.0

Snohomish, Washington – Monkey Tools, LLC today is pleased to announce Library Monkey Pro 2.0, which offers a powerful set of new tools for audio asset management, editing and processing all in a single intuitive application. Library Monkey Pro 2.0 adds several new features and enhancements including dithering, spotting to ProTools and Logic Audio, metadata import via CSV, mp3 HD, a new customer feedback system and more. Now offering three types of word-reduction algorithms using POW’r dithering. Bit reductions are now more musical with an improved noise floor. Drag-n-drop has been supported in Library Monkey Pro for some time, but now users can spot files into Pro Tools and Logic Audio using simple contextual menu options. The spotting feature also includes the ability to sample rate convert prior to spotting for further session compatibility. Also new to version 2.0 is support for the mp3 HD format. This new loss-less format provides another option for archiving and retention of audio detail. Users can also...
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