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Natural Portraits Free Interactive iBook released

Leek, United Kingdom – Joe Scrivens is a photographer from the UK who specialises in natural light portraits. He has created a tutorial book which is available for free on the iTunes book store. The book is interactive with video, quizzes and interactive images. If you have an iPad and are interested in getting tips on how to take stunning portraits using natural light then download this book for free right now. You will enjoy finding out the secrets of how to shoot your subject in full overhead sun without the need for light modifiers. Download today and start becoming even better at your photography. The book explores all aspects of natural light photography including how to setup and use your equipment and how to find the light. It also goes into composition and how to photograph large groups at very shallow depth of field. If you are an amateur with a hobby in photography this book will be a great starting point for you. If you are a professional that is used to studio and flash photography then this book...
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