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contenido neptunedemon: GIVING AWAY MY 3DS AND ONE OF THE ABOVE...

neptunedemon: GIVING AWAY MY 3DS AND ONE OF THE ABOVE GAMES.  My grandfather got me a new 3DS as a gift without realizing I already have one, so I’m giving away my old one. Practically in new condition. Along with it, I’m giving away one of the following games I’ve completed: Pokemon Black and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. To snatch a chance at winning this, simply reblog this, but you MUST be FOLLOWING me, neptunedemon. Likes don’t count. Remember, the more times you reblog, the better the chance you’ll have at being the URL I select at random! ^^ Then I shall contact you, let you choose one of the two games, and give me your address. I’ll let this go on for a month or so and try to keep things updated with my 3ds giveaway tag. Good luck to everyone!
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