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netbattler: manolizer: hagacomosiestuvieraencasa: weas-delafafi: hivecix: My cousin just got back from Chile and brought back with her one of the GREATEST chips ever. Ramitas. These are salty, cheesy sticks that are crunchy to bite and tase like heaven on earth. There is also just Salty Ramitas, which would be the equivalent to plain potato chips.  There is no place around where we live that carries these, which is odd since every time we bring some back, everyone that has em ends up liking them. Ramitas should be regularly imported to the U.S. and sold at every grocery/supermarket. No sabía que las ramitas de queso eran exclusivamente de Chile :O ^ Qué bacan saber esta wea xd yo tampoco sabia xd Business opportunity
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