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NetSpot – The only Native Wireless Site Survey Software for Mac

Campbell, California – NetSpot 1.0, the totally new network-related Mac application hits the market with its first public free beta version. The team behind the project claims it’s the first software of this class to ever become available to regular users and to be delivered exclusively for Mac. So it’s high time to see how exactly your wireless network operates in your office, house, campus, cafe, airport, or actually any building or area. Up until now it has been a prerogative of enterprises to get access to WiFi network assessment software due to its unbelievable price tag. NetSpot changes this. NetSpot 1.0 Beta software is totally free and lets you conduct a wireless site (WLAN) survey of almost any complexity totally for free. Having all the needed tools to run a multizone site survey packed in a compact user-friendly interface, NetSpot boasts simple and fast data collection users of any computer level will master quickly. NetSpot is a complete 802.11a/b/g/n site surveying software, and its main advantag...
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