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New iOS App Cartoon Spread – A Doodle is Worth a Thousand Laughs

Seoul, Korea – Making its free debut this week, Cartoon Spread is a unique new application that gives its users the ability to share personally drawn images via a number of communication mediums. Images are uploaded to the Cartoon Spread service, where they can be made public or private and shared with friends with a direct link. Cartoon Spread offers a simple and elegant interface, making it easy for fans to create “cartoons” (drawings of up to four frames, or cuts) to share. This simplicity also makes Cartoon Spread a very flexible application. As a utility, it is the perfect solution when users might find it easier to indicate something with a simple image versus a verbal description. But Cartoon Spread will probably garner the most praise for its ability to amuse and share humor. Cartoon Spread is so intuitive, new users will be drawing and sharing in moments. The application opens to the first of four canvases. Users tap the pencil icon to draw and the eraser icon to erase. When each frame is finished, m...
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