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New iPhone App i-Relax Drifts into the App Store with Excellent Reviews

Tavistock, United Kingdom – Software developer Rory Buckley has announced the release of his latest iPhone app which is named, “i-Relax”. The app offers a great unique approach to visual relaxation via nature videos for the iPhone and the iPod touch. i-Relax is designed to reduce stress levels by helping people relax and get away for few moments even if it’s just in the car during lunch break. There are two main reasons why people use image relaxation videos to help them relax. The first one is recreational and the second is to relieve stress. But whatever the reason for using these videos they are extremely effective at helping people overcome tough times. The videos use a mixture of relaxing visuals to help calm the nerves and relax the body naturally and slowly so that it is enjoyable. With stress playing a major negative part of many people’s lives, the i-Relax app is an ideal quick solution to help sooth those nerves. Although there may be many variations in the way videos are created for relaxation, the...
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