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contenido New Look Nautilus Lands in Ubuntu 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal”.

The initial view of the application should present me with things I can take immediate action on. Things that are likely relevant to what I am doing or what I have been doing recently. Something that serves a reminding function for things that I have yet to do. Something that helps me establish context. Something that doesn’t require me to do additional work or navigation every single time it starts. One way to achieve this is by displaying a list of recently created, modified, or used files. This is what we have, now, in git master and it feels pretty nice. Though we’ll continue to refine and improve. Have a Functional Search We don’t even need to get fancy. Even a barely functional search would be a huge improvement. If you haven’t noticed, search was completely broken. You either had Tracker search support or you didn’t. If you compiled Nautilus with Tracker support then we would only show you results from the small subset of your files that Tracker was configured to index. If you tried to search a removab...
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