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contenido Niceland: (28) Glaumbaer

Another big surprise while touring the North of Iceland was the farm Glaumbær in Skagafjörður, a complex of buildings made with turf. Here is what they explain in their website: The first known inhabitants of Glaumbær lived there in the 11th century. Some of them, Gudridur and Thorfinnur explored Vinland (North America), They spent the winter there, and planned to settle permanently. Their son, Snorri, was born in the New World. The buildings of the farm we can visit now date from slightly different periods in the 18th- & 19th-centuries. This style of the turf construction was universal in rural areas of Iceland until about 1900, when it was gradually replaced mainly by reinforced concrete, which is typical in most contemporary Icelandic construction today. Extensive turf construction evolved in Iceland owing to the acute shortage of large trees (just the ones that arrived to the island by the sea streams). The old Icelandic farm was a complex of small separate buildings. The most frequently used were united ...
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