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Ninja: Black Phone Watch –Keypad-Dual SIM-TouchScreen

Retail Price for $154.72 1 or more for $132.24 3 or more for $126.12 7 or more for Click for Info 15 or more for Click for Info 25 or more for Click for Info 50 or more for Click for Info Buy More... Get Lower Prices / Entre mas Compres Precios mas Bajos Buy Now / Comprar Ahora Everyone needs a cellphone. Even Ninjas. But as a ninja, don't you find that your hands are always full? Whether you're swinging your nunchucks or have both hands wrapped around the throat of a ninja from an enemy clan...your hands are always occupied. And that's why traditional handheld cellphones just aren't any good if you're a ninja. And it's not that you haven't tried cellphone watches either, but that brings up another problem --- fancy metallic phone watches usually clash with your all-black garb. Because let's face it. The business of a ninja is stealth and you're not going to surprise anyone with a big clunky reflective silver phone watch on your wrist are you? Well Mr Ninja, we have just the solution for you. Feast your face ...
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