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NoteLedge Releases Major Update to Enrich Note-Taking Experience on iPad

Tainan, Taiwan – Kdan Mobile has just released a major update for its top-rated iPad note-taking app with a goal to further enrich its users’ note-taking experience. With the newly provided features, users can now use the patented Navigator gadget to magnify the selected area up to 5x for detailed, closed-up editing. Moreover, this update allows users to crop the desired contents in any shape with the newly-introduced freeform selection feature within the Navigator. Kdan Mobile has demonstrated commitment to user satisfaction by responding to their feedback. This is evident from the latest update of NoteLedge that gives its users the ability to change the fonts, colors, and sizes used in the typing mode according to their liking. NoteLedge has taken its cue from Kdan’s family member, Animation Desk, by incorporating its stroke technology to offer users four additional brushes to make the note-taking experience more interesting and realistic. NoteLedge has received a good range of recognition among users, blog...
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