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Nynix LLC releases Knots 3D v2.0 for iOS

Highland, Utah – Nynix LLC is pleased to announce the latest release of their popular reference app, Knots 3D, on the Apple iTunes store. Knots 3D makes learning knots fun and allows interaction with the knot on screen like no other app in the store today. Each of the 50 featured 3D knots can be drawn, rotated, zoomed and flipped. The beautifully rendered knots can be paused at any time during the drawing to be studied, then advanced, and then paused in a repeating fashion to learn how a knot is tied. The knots can be rotated a full 360 degrees so they can be viewed from the side, back or any angle in-between. This app is an invaluable reference for scouts, fishermen, boaters or other outdoors enthusiasts. The 50 knots are listed by usage category and knot classification and each has descriptions of usage, strength, and helpful tying tips. 3D Knots includes: * Albright Special * Anchor Hitch * Ashley’s Bend * Blood Knot * Bow Knot * Bowline * Bowline on a Bight * Buntline Hitch * Carrick Bend * Cats Paw * Cli...
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