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Okeedoke Studios Releases Songwriting App VCVCBC for iPad

Cincinnati, Ohio – Okeedoke Studios today is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of “VCVCBC: The Ultimate Songwriting App,” exclusively for iPad. VCVCBC is a revolutionary songwriting app that starts from any type of song element – lyrics, melody, chords or rhythm – culminating in a chord chart to share with your band or take into the studio for production. The app is designed to help songwriters collect their ideas as quickly as possible. “I’ve got boxes of scrap paper with a few lines of lyrics or melody lines on them, and I’ve got hundreds of files that I’ve started in Reason, Logic or Pro Tools,” said Ben Thornburg, Visionary of Okeedoke Studios. “I wanted a way to focus on the song itself without getting sidetracked by the music production side. VCVCBC does just that.” VCVCBC doesn’t require any musical proficiency. The melody mode can highlight a key and scale, but there’s no piano skill required. Instead of learning guitar chord positions, the app provides over 20 sets of common chord progr...
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