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Open Data and Social Media Government

Andrea DiMaio — Why Do Governments Separate Open Data and Social Media Strategies? — about the need to merge open data strategies and social media strategies. He there complains about open data and social media strategies being treated as independent ones, which he believes to be actually related one to the other one. I not only believe they should go altogether and hand in hand, but that their interaction defines different ways of understanding government or education. It always helps me to draw things and see what see what comes out of it: Social Media Traditional communication Open data 4-year-term Democracy Plutocracy (I) Populism, Suffragism Oclocracy, 5th Estate (II) Closed data Transparency, Accountability 4th Estate, Aristocracy, Goverati (III) Participation, engagement Collaboration, cooperation (IV) Case I is definitely what we do have nowadays in most modern democracies: a democracy based on 4- (or 5-) years time span between elections, increasingly ruled by plutocracies bound to the economic power...
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