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Phonological Awareness App Evaluates Children with Reading Difficulties

Dallas, Texas – In recent years, clinicians and educators are beginning to recognize that fostering phonological awareness skills in children helps them to learn more effectively once they become aware of the sounds within their language. As phonological awareness skills relate to literary development and speech sound, studies have shown that these foundational skills contribute to children’s early success in reading, writing, and speech and language development. The first step in this process is to measure the children’s skills to determine the type of treatment needed and which areas should be the main focus. Developed by Canadian Speech-Language Pathologist, Tanya Coyle and published by Smarty Ears, Profile for Phonological Awareness (Pro-PA) was created to evaluate and describe the phonological awareness skills in children with speech, language, and/or reading difficulties. Pro-PA aids speech therapists and teachers in collecting information and gives them the ability to choose which areas of skill develo...
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