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PlayBC-Interactive Alphabet HD is 65% off for the weekend

Somerville, Massachusetts – Developer Andrew Shapuro is pleased to announce a sale on his renowned Interactive Alphabet app. PlayBC price drops from its average $2.99 to $0.99 for the weekend. The sale starts June 8th and ends June 11th. The app is based on a letter-picture association principle. Each letter is represented by an object, plant or animal that responds to various actions in different fun ways. Kids can interact with a realistically bouncing ball, pilot a plane, make a volcano erupt, play with musical notes, put together a puzzle, throw snowballs etc. PlayBC is an effective yet simple educational tool that allows children learn the ABCs while playing. The alphabet is presented in both uppercase and lowercase to help kids better recognize the letters. Two “test yourself” options and a kids-friendly interface make PlayBC an app that children can use even without their parents’ supervision. It is truly educational, easy to use, fun and good for road trips. PlayBC is a universal app available on both...
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