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Pointy and Pokey are now poking the App Store

Bangalore, India – PixelMat today is pleased to introduce Pointy and Pokey for iOS, a delightful story in which your child gets to decide the hero. A heart warming adventure about acceptance, friendship and courage, Pointy and Pokey adapts itself to your child’s interactions. Pointy, a shy and adorable hedgehog is the best friend of a naughty porcupine, Pokey. Other animals are wary of their sharp quills and stay away from them. Pointy and Pokey decide to blend in a little more. What do they do to gain acceptance? Who helps them? What happens later when two mean and hungry wolves come into the picture? The unique features of Pointy and Pokey include: * An interactive, heart warming adventure * A story that is controlled by your child: your child’s interactions help in deciding the hero * Beautiful, hand-drawn, original art * Child friendly narration with soothing background music * Read along text highlighting * Amazing, interactive effects on each story page * Devised by parents and happily enjoyed by childr...
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