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positive mood even in the worst of times.

This week has just been awful for me… my kitten of 4 months died about a week ago. The baby infant kitten i got in-place of him died this morning,i believe he choked on something when i wasn’t home. So that right there is 2 cats in about a week… i guess someone must really fucking hate me to be doing this shit to me. Also today i realized how old my dad actually was when he fell and hurt himself and couldn’t walk. The man is 49 but i swear he doesn’t look a day over 40. BTW this was all THIS morning … well after my kitten died and my dad hurt him self i was off to do his errands . Just my soon as i got off my car to walk into the dry cleaners i stepped in a deep ass puddle and wet my foot… im starting to think im cursed with bad luck… although this story is depressing it actually gets better… since randy was only at my house for about 5 days the shelter let me adopt another pet.. FOR FREE!!! This time i was more clear about my choice.. i went completely different from what Dave and Randy were. They w...
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