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princeblainers: michellesbythesea: s0raiseyourglassifyouarewron...

princeblainers: michellesbythesea: s0raiseyourglassifyouarewrong: agletthatiscracked: It’s kind of like Zach said “Fuck it.  You can’t put these dudes together and expect me to coordinate them.  Do whatever the fuck you want.” I am literally cracking up right now.  Finn looks like he’s about to grab someone’s boobs (it looks like he’s saying “let me hold them please”), I think Rory farted, Mike is fascinated with his penis, Sam is high as a fucking kite (I don’t think he knows he’s currently performing in a competition), Puck is just rocking out, Joe is hypnotized by Puck’s hair, Artie is having trouble swallowing, Kurt is doing his classic shimmy-shake, and Blaine is apparently auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. Smile with your eyes Blaine! accurate laughing hysterically omg the artie one and the blaine one i just.
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