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Pushing Weight 1.5 released – App Store Essential Fitness Tracker

Stockholm, Sweden – Slickerthanmost Applications today is pleased to announce Pushing Weight 1.5, the new version of their popular fitness app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that follows the previous 1.4.1 version. The previous 1.4.1 version was received very well. Apple recognized Pushing Weight as one of the finest fitness apps by including it in their App Store Essentials “GET in SHAPE” promotion in March 2012. Jennifer Allen of 148Apps writes that “For those in need of an easy way of tracking their workout routines, Pushing Weight is an ideal and easy to use solution”, while Bob Tedeschi of the New York Times writes that the user interface is simple and well designed. “We think that what makes our app stand out from the crowd is the focus on the important features – no more, no less – and attention to detail in the interface design”, says the developers. “Also, Pushing Weight uses streaks as a motivator for our users to keep working out. We haven’t seen that in any other fitness app. It’s important t...
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