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Rags to riches. idiom. 14-03-2011.

rags to riches For example:Meaning: If you go from rags to riches, you start out very poor and you become very rich.My grandfather went from rags to riches when his dishwashing liquid became very popular. He started out making it at home, but in less than a year he had his own factory. Most of these young guys in professional basketball came from poor neighbourhoods and they all have the same rags-to-riches story. Note: If used as a modfier before a noun or a noun phrase, hyphens must be added, as in "a rags-to-riches story". Quick Quiz: This girl I knew in high school has had an unusual life. She went from rags to riches after shegot a job in a bank lost millions of dollars gambling became a top international model THE ENGLISH CLUB. Click for answer c. 
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