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contenido 2008/04/09 (en)

FOTOCAT STATUS Physically, FOTOCAT is an Excel spreadsheet of UFO and IFO cases where an image has been obtained on photo, film or video. It contains various data columns to register the date, time, location, province and country, explanation (if one exists), photographer’s name, special photographic features, references, etc. When completed, the full catalogue will be posted on the Internet, for public access by the worldwide UFO community. • Number of Cases The expanding trend of the catalogue has slowed a little since the last progress report, basically due to the high investment of time required by the preparation of the FOTOCAT Report #4 (see below). However, FOTOCAT database contains to date 8,577 entries. • New FOTOCAT Report Released Online After several months of intense research work (literature and archive search, data compilation, case study, and statistical analysis) performed by first author, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, and co-author Ole-Jonny Brænne, a talented Norwegian UFO researcher, FOTOC...
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