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Agile Tortoise releases Drafts, an iPhone app to capture and share ideas

N Richland Hills, Texas – Agile Tortoise today is excited to announce the release of Drafts 1.0 for iPhone, a followup to its top ranked App Store hits Terminology and Phraseology. Drafts is a quick way to capture and share status updates and other short texts on the iPhone and iPod touch. Drafts always launches to a new, ready to edit draft and provides one tap access to Twitter, email and many other output options. Drafts will save an unlimited number of drafts, so it is also a great place to capture ideas and thoughts for later. Features include: * Quick Tweet: Drafts opens directly to a ready to edit empty draft. Type a status update, tap on the Twitter account action and it’s posted. Drafts uses iOS’s built-in Twitter support, so no additional configuration is needed. * Save It For Later: Not quite ready to send that update? That’s fine, Drafts will keep it. Throw ideas at Drafts and come back to hone them later. * Write Email: Want to get out a quick email? Launch Drafts, start typing…then send email di...
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