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all the even numbers gooooo

2. something you feel strongly about. perhaps education, i find it extremely important for people to be as cultured as possible, to know what’s going on. 4. bullet your whole day. woke up listened to stromae in bed got up from bed because mum ate breakfast complained that i’m on my period went to bed again browsed, sent some e-mails ate pizza still browsin’ 6. your views on mainstream music. catchy beats. 8. what you ate today. scrambled eggs, ham, fries, toast and pizza. 10. put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play. garden grove by sublime leaving the city by iain ballamy car jamming by the clash the anthem by good charlotte cosmic love by florence + the machine radio capital by la vida bohéme my same by adele bring on the night by the police sugarcube by yo la tengo dirge for november by opeth 12. five guys whom you find attractive. brando paul rudd whorehey jim sturgess evan peters 14. what you wore today. 16. something you always think “what if…” about. what if it’s mutual?...
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