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Animated Puzzle 1.0 Free for iOS-Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for Young Children

Sophia-Antipolis, France – A&R Entertainment today is pleased to introduce Animated Puzzle 1.0 free for iOS, their new wooden jigsaw puzzle Game for young children, where the pieces fit in custom shaped, one-piece holes in the board, some of which are moving and some are not. As each of the 10 – 15 pieces is dragged into the correct hole, a chime sounds and the piece drops in. Touching any piece makes all the remaining pieces of the puzzle disappear temporarily, so that young puzzle solvers can easily see the entire board. After the last piece is placed, the finished puzzle comes to life in full color, and all the moving holes are now moving objects or characters in a complete, animated scene depicting one of nine regions on Earth. The new iOS game in their “Learning is Fun” series, Animated Puzzle is free to download and comes with two puzzles (a package of an additional seven puzzles is available via an in-app purchase). The first puzzle is a desert scene with several camels, palm trees, scorpions, and bird...
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