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Astavoid 1.0.1 released for iOS and Android devices – Fun Action Game

London, United Kingdom – Parachuting Frog today is proud to announce the release of Astavoid 1.0.1, an update to their first multi platform title available on iOS and Android devices. Astavoid is a survival arcade, action game. Your fate is sealed but how long can you survive? You are put into the position of the captain of a stricken ship, no weapons, limited controls and heading to an asteroid belt. Like all good captains you are prepared to go down but not without a fight. The game has a unique twist as a 2.5D action survival action game where you use your skills to dodge the asteroids and continue as long as you can. This is the first of Parachuting Frogs’ games that was orginally born out of the idea of applying the 10,000 hour principle to mobile game development. Talent has little to do with success according to research conducted by Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, a theory Parachuting Frog first came across through reading Outlier by Malcolm Gladwell. The theory being that elite performers engage in ‘delibera...
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