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Australia, outsourcing leader?

With their country’s small population and geographic isolation, Australians are fans of crowdsourcing, which lets them work with millions worldwide. “We’re the world leaders. It’s our future,” says Ross Dawson, co-author, with  Steve Bynghall, of Getting Results From Crowds (Advanced Human Technologies, 2011). If he’s right, it would be the result of a strange mix of cultural and geographic accidents and adaptations. The ‘accidents” are the result of a handful of Australian entrepreneurs who hit the market while it was still developing.  Matt Barrie studied at Stanford and launched two or three startups; after that, he bought a Swedish startup that held problems and promise. He restructured the site and relaunched it as It was a huge success. “We have 3.4 million users,” he says at his office in the port of Sydney. “More than 1.5 million projects have been completed, and we’ve paid out 125 million dollars (95 million Euros) to freelancers. They’re growing in quality and sophistication, working...
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