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Best Apps for Kids Announces Expanded iPad Kid Safety Videos

Port Orange, Florida – Best Apps for Kids, the leading kids app review site, has announced expanded safety videos. Best Apps for Kids has a focus of finding the best of all educational apps for kids covering any area of life and scholastic aspects. It soon became clear that there was a need for specific instructions on the reasons for safety settings and how to make them. The Parenting Safety Tip page contains videos covering multiple features. Controls to turn off iTunes and Ping, Safari and YouTube, Movie and Podcast Controls (to set for age appropriate content), Movie, TV and App Ratings by age, Controls for in app purchasing and purchasing time limits, and controls for multiplayer games and adding friends. Correctly using these settings will not only protect families from accidental and multiple purchases by kids, it will protect them from seeing inappropriate Internet content as well. Unfortunately, in todays world we must work to protect our kids’ privacy along with many other tasks. You can padlock the...
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