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Calculator Expert: No More Approximations on your iPad and Mac

Odessa, Ukraine – Synaptic wave is proud to present Calculator Expert – the most precise calculation app for OS X and iPad. Unlike the native app, Calculator Expert doesn’t need to approximate the computations. However, it’s as user-friendly and easy to master as the native Calculator. The key features of the Calculator Expert are: Unequaled precision Calculator Expert uses a special mathematical library instead of the standard module. We’ve managed to solve the problem of approximating the calculations result. Our application can be used both for simple arithmetic and for complex trigonometry computations. Computation history Calculator Expert saves all the computations it has ever made. You could clear all the history or erase the unimportant calculations any time. Thus you could save the amount of your usual tips and erase the cost of airline tickets. Besides, you could use the computation history for your further calculations. For example, you could triple your normal tips if you’ve invited someone for th...
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