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contenido Chris Garneau - Black and Blue Air-conditioning is...

Chris Garneau - Black and Blue Air-conditioning is cold, summers hot and love is old i wish i was smaller, i little creepy crawler. Theirs lovers sin in this town, lovers cannot let down, the summers hot as hell here you know, if we think we can drink now, we wont stop cos we dont know how, it’s cold, but we love how it feels alright I sweat it all out, you sweat a lot too we heart the same, the same black and blue ohh ohhhh , i wanna catch my difficult ohh ohhhhh , cos i’m scared i’m growing old ohhh oh oh , don’t return the love i give ohhhh oh oh, your still my favourite Trouble’s win in this town, Trouble’s dont turn upside-down, ohh - they shit on the last bit of fun Theres sin all around, Lovers cannot let down, and the winter wears and tears our bones. There’s a man in this town is shooting us down, he thinks he’s a big man but he doesnt know anything about us or anything at all. At night he lies awake, and his heart aches, cos its cold - ohh ohh old, he sweats it out all the night through, and he thro...
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