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Collision Course: Apple Mobileme vs Microsoft Live Mesh

36 views Jul 9, 2008 Collision Course: Apple Mobileme vs Microsoft Live Mesh Microsoft and Apple have been fighting each other for the public perception in the Innovation Space, Apple has been in the front, putting together ideas and services faster than Microsoft and solutions that work as advertised. In the other hand, Microsoft has been showing and promising excellent costumers and business solutions, but some of them failed to passionate the developers. Take .Net for example, take Windows Vista, Take Windows Live Search Books, to name a few of them. Microsoft promises, Apple delivers. Mobileme interface is clean, easy to use, elegant and pleasant, a mature interface that offers an easy to use layout, something in contrast with Live Mesh interface, that is just the Messenger background all over the screen, please remember that Live Mesh is in a Developer Preview Mode and the final version is still months away. Live Mesh in the Cloud This past April, Microsoft demonstrated Live Mesh, a cloud storage service...
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