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Feed the Monster IOS Game App Update Released

Virginia Beach, Virginia – ZiggityZoom today is thrilled to announce a new update for their award-winning iOS game app Feed the Monster for the iPhone. A fun family and kids app, Feed the Monster has been getting rave reviews since the iPhone release in December. It recently won two Readers Choice Awards from About for “Best Game for iPhone” and “Best Kids App”. The latest version of the game includes a fun, new “vibration” feature when the Monsters are fed one of the non-food items in the game, a battery … which accompanies the Monster getting shocked. There has also been a change in the instructions for playing “Food Catch” with your Monster, which should allow players to increase their scores. Geared to kids of all ages, players can create their own Monsters and interact with them. Poke the Monsters for funny little reactions, like burping, farting and “hello” … cute, but slightly rude little Monsters that get the kids giggling. Not only do players get to create their very own monster by choosing from a va...
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