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Fishing Deluxe – Discover Best Fishing Times

Rockville, Maryland – Lifeware Solutions today is pleased to announce a new release of Fishing Deluxe 1.5 for iPhone and iPad. The application helps you plan your your fishing trips by predicting specific days and times with high probability of fishing success for any location. How does it work? Get best times for fishing based on the Moon and Sun information on a calendar and mark your fishing spots on a map. Take pictures of your catches, store them in iCloud and send them over to your friends. Features: * Successful fishing calendar – no internet connection required * Day and month view of best fishing days and times * Swipe the calendar up or down – quickly change the month * Add daily notes in the calendar – double tap to add a note * Sun rise/set times – always know when you need a flashlight * Weather forecast – be well-prepared for any weather condition * Store multiple photos and description for each catch note * Automatic positioning by GPS – always know where you are * Select your location from map...
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